An extraordinary year for prevention

The manager of the Washington State Coalition to Reduce Underage Drinking (RUaD) emailed prevention advocates the following message this morning:

2010: An Extraordinary Year for Prevention

Yes, it has been a remarkable year for public policies that help reduce underage drinking. Collaborative efforts among key state agencies, statewide organizations, local prevention groups, and individual citizens brought a heightened awareness of underage drinking.


The 2010 legislature placed a tax on malt beverages. Research is very clear that the more prices go up, the less young people consume. Legislators heard from the prevention community and they acted.

The WA State Liquor Control Board spent enormous effort reviewing and revising the alcohol advertising regulations but it was critical to hear from the public. Over 500 local citizens and organizations urged the LCB to strengthen the regulations. Many young people and adults testified at hearings. This was the strongest statement from the prevention community they have ever seen.

And on the election front, the citizens of the state turned back an effort to privatize the sale of alcohol. The LCB’s role was to provide accurate information to anyone who asked, but a coalition of interest groups, including strong prevention groups, came together to help the public understand this issue. Again, the prevention voice was heard, this time by the voting public.

And most recently, the LCB banned the sale of alcohol energy drinks. There was an outcry from the general public, researchers, and yes, the prevention community to take this action.

Job Well Done!