Is Universal Healthcare A Good Idea?

Firstly I want to be clear this post is not stating if the current US health care reform is a good idea or not. It is a post of my thoughts on universal health care in general. With the US currently reforming the health care system to include a public option for those that are uninsured, and many other countries having this already in place, it is a discussion worth having.

The idea of people, especially children, not having proper health care to ensure a healthy and happy life is very saddening to me. There are many incredible treatments and medicines currently available, and being created, that they should not be restricted to those that are fortunate enough to have a job that provides health care. I think this is especially relevant to the current US economy where many people do not even have jobs let alone health care. With a country that is a self described beacon for the world we should not leave our citizens to suffer and die when poor fortune comes their way. We are a country that when times get rough we help our neighbors in knowing that any of us can run into bad situations as well. And this is in my opinion is an example of where we can help those that want to be self sufficient but are facing difficulties.

Hit-001 Comptia Healthcare It Technician Test

The field of Information Technology is getting tougher and more competitive. That is why IT professionals should not be satisfied with the degree instead they should strive to obtain IT certification. CompTIA is one of the companies offering various certifications for interested IT professionals. The good news is that they are not only offering technical certifications but they also open certification exams for those in the healthcare industry.

Nowadays, there are many colleges offering courses on HIT career. This is the reason why many companies are offering certification. The CompTIA Healthcare IT Technician Test is given to healthcare professionals in order to evaluate their skills and knowledge in implementing, deploying and supporting healthcare IT systems. This means that It professionals who work in the healthcare sector should obtain this certification that will help in improving not only their skills but also their profiles.

The examination for HIT-001 covers organizational behavior, regulatory requirements, IT operations, security and medical business operations. Interested candidates should possess a basic understanding about the practice workflow and at the same time following the code of conduct, policies as well as security best practices. However, IT professionals who intend to take the exam should be CompTIA A+ certified. Likewise, IT professionals that have 500 hour hands-on technical experience in a laboratory or field can also take the examination.

A Whimsical And Illustrative, If Impractical, Approach To Solving The Health Care Crisis

It has always been the view of many thoughtful Americans that Obama Care and the politicians that wrote the voluminous and unreadable 2000+ page legislation got it all wrong. They assumed that the problem was escalating health care costs and then wrote legislation to treat this symptom, not the underlying root causes. High costs are an outcome because of other factors.

It is as if the political class is treating a cough but do not understand whether the cough is caused by allergies, the flu, bronchitis, pneumonia, cancer, strep throat, etc. Unless you know what the underlying disease is, if you treat only the symptom, in this case high and escalating health care costs, the chances of success are quite low.

If you look at the literature on the health state of most Americans, you find a consistent pattern:

- Americans smoke too much.

- Americans eat too much.

- Americans eat too much of the wrong kind of foods.

- Americans do not get enough exercise.

- Americans in general are getting older.

The first four items in this list are modifiable behaviors. They are the key to getting health care costs under control. Obama, Reid, Pelosi, et al never understood this. They raised taxes and implemented new taxes and fees, they created an untold number of new government agencies, they will criminalize millions of Americans for not bowing down to Obama Care and buying mandatory health insurance for themselves, etc. They treated the symptom of high health care costs as a tax, control, and bureaucracy problem, not a behavior and aging problem. Their chances of success are very small, assuming the legislation ever gets fully implemented and is not declared unconstitutional.

They also did not understand that forcing a human being to do something is never the best way to get something done. If you can make someone want to and like to do something from a behavior perspective, they are 1) more likely to do it, 2 ) do it with more conviction and 3) do it for a longer period of time. Forcing an American to do anything just gets their ire up and robs them of the freedom of choice, something a government should rarely, if ever, do in a democracy.

This is where some creativity and originality may have been a much better approach, in conjunction with modifying behavior relative to good health habits. We got none of this creative thinking from those in charge of Obama Care, it was the same old overbearing, freedom robbing, inefficient government control approach. Maybe they should have looked at a specific YouTube video for some of that refreshing new thinking. this video can be viewed by going to the YouTube website and searching for "odenplan, sweden, stairs, escalator, piano."