Coalitions making a difference

Since this is the season for celebrations, I decided to blog about hopeful things today. So, I am starting with an excerpt from a message sent by the DFC Administrator on the ONDCP list serv earlier this month:

At a time when many national surveys are showing increases in youth substance use, the past 30-day use of alcohol, tobacco, and marijuana have declined significantly and in all grade levels (middle school, high school) between DFC coalitions’ first and most recent data report. Additionally, perception of risk increased significantly for alcohol, tobacco, and marijuana use among youth in DFC-funded communities. Both markers are clear evidence of the success of your work and the effectiveness of this model.

I wanted to share that with you as a harbinger of hope. The Prevention WINS coalition accomplished quite a bit over the past 4+ years and now, with DFC support, we have the wonderful opportunity to accomplish even more, creating a safe and healthy community for our children.