More research on teen alcohol use, zero tolerance, and the role of parents

Here are a few excerpts from a May 31, 2010 story on NPR:

"As teenagers mature into their senior year of high school, many parents begin to feel more comfortable about letting them drink alcohol. But new research from brain scientists and parenting experts suggests loosening the reins on drinking may not be a good idea in the long run. And, researchers say, parents' approach to addressing teen drinking does influence teen behavior."

Does zero tolerance work?
"Parents who disapproved completely of underage alcohol use tended to have students who engaged in less drinking, less binge drinking, once in college . . . "

Does the "European drinking model" work?
"A lot of parents have the idea . . . that if I let my child drink at home with friends, then at least I can control it somehow. I can buy the alcohol myself. Then I am in control."

"Unfortunately . . . the European drinking model isn't working . . . 'The more teenagers drink at home, the more they will drink at other places, and the higher the risk for problematic alcohol use . . .'"