In the news

From the November 20 Seattle Times:

"The chief later told me people should be just as concerned about middle-schoolers partying with parents' prescription drugs as they are about better-known illicit drugs."

"The better approach is prevention for people ages 12 to 21 and treatment for those who are already addicted."

"Kerlikowske's main focus is to develop the president's drug strategy, due out next year. Clearly, policy will stress prevention and treatment and focus on things like drug courts, which have proven to work."

From the December 7 New York Times:

Addiction on 2 Fronts: Work and Home about the new deputy director of the Office of National Drug Control Policy who believes that more resources need to go towards prevention.

Hard Questions to Ask After a Cry for Help about what pediatricians and others should ask adolescents when they are at risk for suicide.