What is "environmental" prevention?

A term that people involved with underage drinking and youth substance abuse prevention hear a lot these days is "environmental strategies". These types of strategies are aimed at changing the environment in which substance abuse can occur. It's more than a one-time program, it's changing the community in which we live. By altering the environment in our neighborhoods, we can impact behaviors and decisions regarding substance abuse.

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The Path to Community Change
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Thursday, March 26, 2009
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Learning Objectives:
1. Learn what an environmental strategy is and how to implement them.
2. See how applying environmental strategies can impact substance abuse.
3. Discover why it takes a group to implement true change.
4. Learn the seven strategies to affect community change.

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CADCA previously did some webinars on environmental strategies. Here are a few resources they provided:

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"Roots of Environmental Strategies: A Public Health Model"
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